Real Hair Systems:
Immediate solutions for Full Men's Hair

Almost every second man is confronted with hair loss sooner or later.

However, you do not have to resign yourself to thinning hair or baldness. Our real hair systems will help you have a natural fullness of hair. We integrate high-quality real hair into your own hair. It is reliably fixed, without any restrictions in everyday life and easy to care for.

A full head of hair instead of baldness

When the scalp shows through thinning hair more and more or bald patches can no longer be hidden, many men desperately look for solutions for getting their old full hair back. The good news is you have just found it!

Our real hair systems will help you to have a full head of hair in no time at all. It looks and feels natural. In every situation: when your partner runs her hand through your hair, during a strenuous football match or when you take your helmet off after an adventurous motorcycle ride.

Solutions for each individual case

No matter how advanced your hair loss is, without real hair systems you can get your old fullness of hair back in no time at all:

  • Customised, based on a precisely measured 3D model of the shape of your head, your hair situation and your personal hairstyle wishes
  • Fixed permanently and reliably on your existing hair
  • 100 % healthy, immaculate real hair in two top qualities
  • No restrictions for leisure activities, sport or the like
  • Every hairstyle is possible
  • A wide range of solutions: from MicroLines, our special method for hair integration, to the tried and tested Folium, the Hairdreams toupet.

Hairdreams real hair systems consist of healthy, untreated real hair with an intact hair cuticle. Thanks to the exceptional 7-star hair quality, you can reuse your Hairdreams hair several times if cared for optimally and wear it up to two years with regular hairdresser visits.

Customized Care

Caring for your Hairdreams hair is easy and time-saving. Thanks to our specially developed care products it and your own hair are supplied with important nutrients. Your hair will therefore remain smooth and shiny for an especially long time. For healthier and noticeably stronger hair.

Call Sharyn on 4623 1313 to:

-Arrange a non-binding first appointment and enjoy detailed professional advice

– Set the date for your big day

– enjoy the feeling of full hair again!

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